Student Organizations

Business Management Society

The Business Management Society (BMS) is a student-run organization that aims to unite students across campus interested in becoming future leaders. Students have access to guest speakers who grant insightful information about the field of management, as well as team-building activities and real-world case studies to further develop their leadership, problem-solving, communication, and presentation skills. In addition, BMS provides students with the opportunity to build lasting connections with other members and network with a variety of companies, giving students an advantage when applying for jobs and internships.

International Business Society (IBS)

The International Business Society is a student organization which aims to advance the intellectual and professional lives of students interested in international business. Since its inception in Fall 2008, our organization has strived to foster global perspectives through the coordination of guest speakers, media, and social activities.

Society for Human Resource Management

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) focuses on Human Resources (HR) and providing students who are interested, HR opportunities to gain insight about their path of interest. As a member of our SHRM chapter on campus, individuals will have multiple opportunities including:  outstanding conferences on various Human Resource management topics, discounts on top-selling HR books; and numerous awards programs, HR magazines, annual conference, HR job & internships, merit awards, excellent speakers with ample experience.

UConn Consulting Group (UCG)

The UConn Consulting Group was founded on the belief that given the resources and training, students can make a meaningful impact on the UConn community and achieve their career goals.  UCG gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience providing strategy consulting services to UConn organizations, local businesses, and corporations. We are led by UConn alumni who have gone on to graduate from top MBA programs and work at premier consulting firms.

Women in Business (WIB)

Women in Business is a student-run organization that seeks to foster students’ personal and professional development, specifically that of women. The purpose of the organization is to bridge students’ professional goals and ambitions with that of personal life. The organization does so by raising awareness of the many issues that women face in the professional business world. More importantly, the organization seeks to help students gain networking opportunities with corporate leaders, panel discussion and workshops to help them prepare for success.