Alumni – Ph.D. Program in Management

The Management and Entrepreneurship department produces high quality scholars who have had very successful academic careers in tenure-track positions at top universities. UConn Management PhD graduates have gone on to become outstanding researchers, teachers, and university leaders accepting faculty positions at American University, Arizona State, Bentley, Colorado State, Drexel, Fordham, Northeastern, Oregon State, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rutgers, University of Iowa, and University of Texas-El Paso.


Dhvani Badwaik, '23 Ph.D., University of Rhode Island (URI)
Three Essays on Time Horizon and Corporate Resource Allocation

Elizabeth Klock, '23 Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
The Emergence of Collective Humility

Adam Roebuck, '23 Ph.D., University of Massachusetts- Lowell
Unpacking Transactive Memory Systems Through a Complex Systems Lens

Monique Domingo, '22 Ph.D., Louisiana State University (LSU)
In a Crisis, What You Say, Not Just What You Do, Matters

Peter Gallagher, '22 Ph.D., North Carolina A&T State University (NCAT)
A Mixed Methods Investigation of Deploying to Develop Human and Social Capital Resources

Sergio Grove, '20 Ph.D., University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)
A Bilateral Perspective of Acquisition Premiums and Post-Acquisition Performance

Abdullatif Alrashdan, '20 Ph.D., Kuwait University
Three Essays on Alliance Management and Instability


Semin Park, '19 Ph.D., University of Iowa
The Emergence and Evolution of Conflict Relations: Conflict Dynamics in Emergency Medical Response Teams

Redona Methasani, '18 Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Emotional Evaluators: The Influence of Emotions on Performance Appraisal in Organizations

Xian Cao, '18 Ph.D., Ball State University
Examining the financial payoffs to prior entrepreneurial experience

Mikhail Wolfson, '18 Ph.D., American University, Washington DC
Toward a Configural Theory of Team Composition: An Exploration of Dynamic Crew Configurations on Team Processes

Dale Watson, '17 Ph.D., Army War College
Environmental Events and MTS Adaptive Processes: A Multi-sample Dynamic Network Investigation

Brian Fox, '17 Ph.D., Bentley University
Top Management Team Tenure, Competitive Repertoires, and Firm Performance in the 3D Printing Industry (1988-2015)

Nicole Young, '16 Ph.D., Franklin & Marshall College, Pennsylvania
The Impact of Social Class in the Hiring Process

Hyoun Sook Lim, '15 Ph.D., Seoul National University, Korea
How and When Does Psychological Empowerment Affect Individual Effectiveness: A Multilevel Investigation

Margaret Luciano, '15 Ph.D., Arizona State University
Unpacking the Dynamics of Cross-Unit Coordination: A Multi-Level Quasi-Experimental Investigation of Patient Handoffs

Rebecca Ranucci, '15 Ph.D., Southern Connecticut State University
At the Manager-Analyst Interface: Bonding, Reciprocity And Assurances

Wonseok Choi, '15 Ph.D., University of Detroit Mercy
Social networks and employee creativity: The impact of individual and alters' attributes and network structure on the psychological conditions for employee creativity

Lauren D’Innocenzo, '14 Ph.D., Drexel University
Predicting Leader Role Occupancy: An Exploration of Shared Leadership Emergence in Project Teams

Nesij Huvaj, '12 Ph.D., Suffolk University, Boston
A Modularity View of Alliance Portfolio Configuration and Organizational Ambidexterity

Smriti Prabhakar-Sood, '12 Ph.D., Fordham
Reaping the Fruits of Legitimacy: Effects of a New Venture’s Pre-IPO Alliance Portfolio in the Market for IPOs

Michael Kukenberger, '12 Ph.D., Rutgers
A Shared Leadership Classification and Multi-Level Exploration of Compositional Antecedents and Team and Individual Outcomes

Junichi Yamanoi, '11 Ph.D., Waseda University, Japan
Competition Networks: The Influence of Relational and Structural Embeddedness on Competitive Activity

Zheng (Chris) Chen, '10 Ph.D., University of South Florida, St. Petersburg
No Pain No Gain? A Resource Based Model of Work-to-Family Conflict and Enrichment


Ciaran Heavey, '09 Ph.D., University College, Dublin
A Dynamic Managerial Capabilities Model of Organizational Ambidexterity

Tammy Rapp, '09 Ph.D., Ohio University
The Psychological Dynamics Underlying Individual Responses to Working in Multiple Project Teams: An Intra-person and Inter-person Investigation

Ngah-Kiing (Elizabeth) Lim, '09 Ph.D., Georgia State University
Firm’s Strategic Risk Taking Behaviors

M. Travis Maynard, '07 Ph.D., Colorado State University
The impact of experience and familiarity: An examination in project teams

Rowena Ortiz-Walters, '05 Ph.D., Plattsburgh, State University of New York
Developing creativity: Exploring the roles of various sources of developmental supports

Yan Ling, '04 Ph.D., George Mason University
Toward an upper-echelons view of firm entrepreneurship

Franz Willi Kellermanns, '03 Ph.D., UNC Charlotte
Strategic consensus on resource accumulation decisions

Zeki Simsek, '02 Ph.D., Clemson University
Entrepreneurial opportunity recognition: Building and testing an information asymmetries model

Timothy Golden, '01 Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Telecommuting Optimization: An Investigation Of Influential Factors During Technology-Reliant Interactions

David Baldridge, '01 Ph.D., Oregon State University
The everyday ADA: The influence of requestors’ assessments on decisions to ask for needed accommodations

Juan Florin, '01 Ph.D., University of New Hampshire, Durham
Born to go public: Human capital, social capital, and fundability of high potential technological new ventures

Kimberly Eddleston, '01 Ph.D., Northeastern University
What managers seek from their careers: Expanding the traditional model of career satisfaction

Kira Reed, '00 Ph.D., Syracuse University
The dynamic and strategic nature of intellectual capital

Avinash Mainkar, '00 Ph.D. George Mason University
Brand proliferation as barriers to entry: A longitudinal study in the food manufacturing industry


Michael Young, '99 Ph.D., Hong Kong Baptist University
The impact of capital markets on pay incentives, organizational slack, and firm innovation

Sharon Foley, '98 Ph.D.
The effects of the actual and perceived glass ceiling on promotion fairness

Peter Lane, '96 Ph.D., University of New Hampshire
Partner characteristics and relative absorptive capacity in learning alliances

Laura Goulet, '96 Ph.D., U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Demystifying workers in overdrive: An exploration of the antecedents of work intensity

Lynn Bowes-Sperry, '96 Ph.D., Western New England University
Observers’ reactions to social-sexual behavior at work: An ethical decision-making perspective

Stanley Bazan, '95 Ph.D., Western Connecticut State University
The effects of perceived salience and clarity of the self-concept on managerial career mobility

Barbara Ribbens, '94 Ph.D., Illinois State University
Career decisions processes of dual-career couples: Testing a model of relocation decision-making via a survey and verbal protocol analysis

Da (David) Yu, '93 Ph.D., Peking University
The impact of business relatedness on performance: An examination on the level of merged products

Richard Pouder, '93 Ph.D., Appalachian State University
Strategies for the choice of organizational structure: Transaction cost and institutional explanations

Priscilla Elsass, '92 Ph.D., Clark University
Job demands and job control: The effect of job design on work stress

Melville Cottrill, '91 Ph.D., Southern Connecticut State University
Corporate social responsibility and selected industry level economic considerations

Eldon Bernstein, '91 Ph.D., Lynn University, Florida
Determinism and voluntarism: An integrated model of strategic management applied to small business organizations