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Ching K., Forti E., & Rawley E., (In press). Competitive Familiarity: Learning to Coordinate by Competing. Organization Science. 

Rheinhardt, A., Poskanzer, E., & Briscoe, F. (Accepted). The career consequences of workplace protest participation: Theory and evidence from the NFL “Take a Knee” protest movement. Organization Science 

Sohl, T., Folta, T.B. (In press). Do Firms Proactively Build Internal Markets for Redeployment? Evidence from a Natural Experiment. Management Science.  



Gallagher, P. T., Mathieu, J. E. & Reilly, G. (2023). Deploying to Develop Unit Human Capital Resources. Journal of Management, 49(8), 2805-2830. 

Pieper, J., Maltarich, M., Nyberg, A., Reilly, G. & Ray, C. (2023). Collective Turnover Response Over Time to a Unit-Level Shock. Journal of Applied Psychology, 108(6), 1001. 

Rheinhardt, A., Briscoe, F., Joshi, A. (2023). Organization-as-platform activism: Theory and evidence from the National Football League “Take a Knee” movement.” Administrative Science Quarterly, 68(2), 395-428. 



Dickler, T., Folta, T.B., Giarratana, M., Santalo, J. (2022). The Value of Flexibility in Multi-Business Firms. Strategic Management Journal, 43: 2602-2628. 

Gatrell, C., Ladge, J. J., & Powell, G. N. (2022). A review of fatherhood and employment: Introducing new perspectives for management research. Journal of Management Studies, 59, 1198-1226.  

Hays, N. A., Li, H., Jamieson, B., Yang, X., Oh, J. K., Yu, A., Chen, Y.-R., & Hollenbeck, J. R. A. (2022). A tale of two hierarchies: Interactive effects of power differentiation and status differentiation on team performance. Organizational Science, 33(6), 2085-2105.  

Kim, Y. J., Fu Lam, C., Oh, J., & Sohn, W. (2022). Employee Constructive Voice: An Integrative Review and a Dyadic Approach. Journal of Management, 

Kreiner, G. E., Reina, C., Rheinhardt, A., & Mihelcic, C. (2022). Your presence is requested: Mindfulness infusion in workplace interactions and relationships. Organization Science. 

Li, D., Wei, L-Q., Cao, Q., & Chen, D. 2022. Informal institutions, entrepreneurs’ political participation, and venture internationalization. Journal of International Business Studies, 53 (6): 1062-1090. 

Mathieu, J. E., Wolfson, M. A., Park, S., Luciano, M. M., Bedwell-Torres, W. L., Ramsay, P. S., Klock, E. A. & Tannenbaum, S. I. (2022). Indexing Dynamic Collective Constructs using Computer-Aided Text Analysis: Construct Validity Evidence and Illustrations Featuring Team Processes. Journal of Applied Psychology Monograph. 107(4), 533-559. 

Sine, W.D., Cordero, A.M., & Coles, R.S. (2022). Entrepreneurship through a Unified Sociological Neo-institutional Lens. Organization Science, 33(4):1675-1699 



Abdulsalam, D., Maltarich, M. A., Nyberg, A. J., Reilly, G., & Martin, M. (2021). Individualized Pay-for-Performance Arrangements: Peer Reactions and Consequences. Journal of Applied Psychology. 106(8), 1202–1223.  

Ching, K., Forti, E., & Rawley, E. (2021). Extemporaneous coordination in specialist teams: The familiarity complementarity. Organization Science, 32(1), 1-17. 

Leroy, S., Schmidt, A. M., & Madjar, N. (2021). Working from home during COVID-19: A study of the interruption landscape. Journal of Applied Psychology, 106(10), 1448–1465.  

Maynard, M.T., Mathieu, J. E., Rapp, T. L., Gilson, L. L. & Kleiner, C. (2021). Team Leader Coaching Intervention: An Investigation of the Impact on Team Processes and Performance within a Surgical Context. Journal of Applied Psychology. 

Sohl, T., Folta, T.B. (2021). Market exit and the potential for resource redeployment: Evidence from the global retail sector. Strategic Management Journal, 42(12), 2273-2293.  

Woehler, M., Floyd, T., Shah, N., Marineau, J. Sung, W., Grosser, T. J., Fagan, J. M., Labianca, G. (2021). Turnover during a corporate merger: How workplace network change influences staying. Journal of Applied Psychology, 106(12), 1939. 

Wolfson, M. A. & Mathieu, J. E. (2021). Deploying Human Capital Resources: Accentuating effects of situational alignment and social capital resources. Academy of Management Journal, 64(2), 435-457. 

Zhu, X. S., Wolfson, M.A., Dalal, D. K. & Mathieu, J. E. (2021). Team Decision-Making: The Dynamic Effects of Team Decision Style Composition and Performance via Decision Strategy. Journal of Management, 47(5), 1281-1304. 



Dickler, T., Folta, T.B. (2020). Identifying internal markets for resource redeployment. Strategic Management Journal, 41(2020), 2341-2371. 

Farh, C. I. C., Oh, J. K., Hollenbeck, J. R., Yu., A., Lee, S. M., & King, D. (2020). Token Female voice enactment in traditionally male-dominated teams: Facilitating conditions and consequences for performance. Academy of Management Journal, 63(3), 832-856. 

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Matusik, J. G., Hollenbeck, J. R., Matta, F. K., & Oh, J. K. (2019). Dynamic Systems Theory and Dual Change Score Models: Seeing Teams through the Lens of Developmental Psychology. Academy of Management Journal, 62(6), 1760-1788. 

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Rocha, V., van Praag, M., Folta, T.B., Carneiro, A. (2019). ‘Endogeneity in strategy-performance analysis: An application to initial human capital strategy and new venture performance’. Organizational Research Methods, 22(3): 2018: 740-764. 

Wolfson, M. A., Mathieu, J. E., Tannenbaum, S. I. & Maynard, M. T. (2019). Informal Field-Based Learning and Work Design. Journal of Applied Psychology, 104, 1283-1295. 



Other Publications 

In press  

Chen, Z., Promislo, M., Powell, G. N., & Allen, T. D. (In press). Examining the aftermath of work-family conflict episodes: Internal attributions, self-conscious emotions, family engagement, and well-being. Psychological Reports. 

Chong, S., Kim, Y. J., Van Dyne, L., & Oh, J. K. (In press). Drive and Direction: Empathy with Intended Targets Moderates the Proactive Personality‐Job Performance Relationship via Work Engagement. Applied Psychology.  

Fox, B., Grove, S., & Souder, D. (In press). When good deals need help getting done: Articulating side payment strategies, Long Range Planning.  

Gaspar, J. P., Methasani, R., Schweitzer, M. E. (In press). Deception in Negotiations: Insights and Opportunities. Current Opinion in Psychology.  

Gaspar, J. G., Methasani, R., and Schweitzer, M. E. (In press). Emotional intelligence and deception: A theoretical model and propositions. Journal of Business Ethics. 

Gatrell, C., Ladge, J. L., & Powell, G. N. (In Press). Profane pregnant bodies versus sacred organizational systems: Exploring pregnancy discrimination at work. Journal of Business Ethics. 

Grosser, T. J., Gilson, L.L., Dong, Y., & Madjar, N. (In Press). Creative self-enhancement in a team context: The role of gender, creative self-concept, and trait hypercompetitiveness. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts.  

Mathieu, J. E. (in press). Teams, Teaming, and Complex Systems in Cancer Care. Journal of Clinical Oncology: Oncology Practice  

Powell, G. N. (in press). Gender in management, 6th ed. Los Angeles: Sage.  

Sheep, M. L., Rheinhardt, A., Hollensbe, E. C., & Kreiner, G. E. (In press). “Tearing the fabric” or “weaving the tapestry”?: A discursive resources approach to identity-implicating organizational events. Management Communication Quarterly.  

Tong, J., Oh, J. K., & Johnson, R. E. (In press). Being mindful at work: A moderated mediation model of the effects of challenge stressors on employee dedication and cynicism. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.    



Dutta, S., Rodrigues, J., Folta, T.B. (2023). Does NIH Select the Right Healthcare Ventures Through the SBIR Grant Program? The Journal of Technology Transfer, 48(4): 1206-1220. 



Powell, G. N., & Butterfield, D. A. (2022). Aspirations to top management over five decades: A shifting role of gender? Gender in Management: An International Journal, 37, 953-968. 

Powell, G. N., Butterfield, D. A., & Jiang, X. (2022). Gender, diversity, and the 2020 US presidential election: Towards an androgynous presidential profile? Gender in Management: An International Journal, 37, 785-800. 



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