Advisement Information

Please plan to visit your advisor/professors during their office hours.
If you have a class during that time, e-mail them to schedule an appointment at a mutually convenient time.

Juniors/Seniors – the only time you are REQUIRED to meet with your faculty advisor is when you are graduating, and you need your Plan of Study approved (or if you need other forms signed). You are not required to meet with them before registration.

Freshman/Sophomores – students who are declared business majors in their freshman/sophomore years will be assigned an advisor in the School of Business Undergraduate Programs Office. You will then be assigned a faculty advisor when you enter your junior year.

Your Academic Advising Center: Undergraduate Programs Office

Student Handbook – Familiarize yourself with your Handbook. When you enter your junior and senior years, re-read it occasionally to be sure you are on track and know the requirements for your degree program.

Also, familiarize yourself with the UConn Undergraduate Catalog.

Plans of Study – Follow the Plan that corresponds with the semester you were accepted into the Business School (which may differ from the semester you were accepted into UConn). For example, students accepted in Fall ’16 follow the 20016-2017 Plan; students accepted in Spring ’16 follow the 2015-2016 Plan.

Permission # Request Form for Business Courses:

  • If you are eligible for a MGMT course, but cannot register for it because you are waiting for transfer credits to come in, see Pamela (BUSN 336) as soon as possible (even before registration begins) and bring proof that you completed the transfer classes and that UConn will accept them.
  • Students waiting for Study Abroad credits to transfer in – contact the Registrar’s Office (860.486.3331). They may be willing to check your records to see that you completed the coursework Abroad and move your registration date up.


Picking classes – It is your responsibility to identify classes you need to register for … not your advisor’s. After thoroughly familiarizing yourself with your Plan of Study, if you have questions, or need advice, see the Undergrad Programs Office, the Management Department or your advisor.

Registration Bars – if you have a registration bar, see the Undergraduate Programs Office (BUSN 248) or the Registrar’s Office. Your faculty advisor cannot remove bars for you.

Students Studying Abroad – When you are away and it is time to register for the next semester, it is your responsibility to pick your courses (not your advisor’s), and then ask for assistance with registration (if you can’t register yourself). Review your Plan of Study and the course list in PeopleSoft to pick your classes for registration (also pick back-up courses). Write down the class #s for every section offered, and the times the class meets, then e-mail Brandy Nelson or Alana Adams in the Undergraduate Programs Office, or call them at 860.486.2315, to request assistance. Your faculty advisor cannot register for classes on behalf of students (they don’t have that kind of PeopleSoft access).

Forms – the Undergraduate Programs Office (BUSN 248) has most of the forms you will need (or see the Registrar’s Office). They also have hard copies of your Plan of Study.

Internship/Career Questions – see the Business Placement & Career Services Office (BUSN 228), or the UConn Career Services Office in the CUE building.

Who to See for What:

  • Undergraduate Programs Office (BUSN 248) – registration questions, to review your Plan of Study, questions about your major, programs offered in the School of Business, Study Abroad questions, questions about Minors, course transfer questions (Course Transfer requires PRE-approval), to pick up forms or a copy of your Plan of Study, etc.
  • The Management Department (BUSN 336) – see Pamela for registration questions, to review your Plan of Study, and other questions about the management major.
  • The Business Writing Center (BUSN 242 & 243) – for assistance with your writing assignments and tips on how to continue improving your professional writing skills.
  • The Business Placement Center (BUSN 248) & the UConn Career Services Office (CUE building) – for career advice, interviewing tips, mock interviews, resume writing tips/review, advice on what activities to pursue to build a resume, etc. Start visiting these offices as a Freshman! After all, your MAIN goal after completing college is to obtain a job that will launch you onto a successful career path! Start to prepare for that first job interview early and see what you can do while in college to enhance your resume and skillset. NOTE: The Business Placement Center and the UConn Career Services Office offer completely different services – you should visit both offices.
  • Transfer Admissions Office – for course transfer information, to start the course transfer process or to request PRE-approval for courses you would like to take elsewhere and transfer back into UConn.
  • Registrar’s Office – see their website for services offered, for information on final exams (when they are offered … what to do about bunched exams), to request copies of your official transcript, for PeopleSoft trouble, etc.
  • Dean of Students Office – to document a medical condition that will affect your coursework, to request an extension for an incomplete course, for voluntary separation from the University or readmission, for residency status changes, short term emergency loans, to report a student you believe to be in distress so they can get help, etc.